NEROPURE stainless steel insulated water storage tanks are developed in various sizes varying from 100ltr to 10,000ltr. The modern design and light weight make these tanks durable and eco-friendly, which ensures you a healthy and trouble-free living.

We have combined modern systems with our proven 35 years of experience in developing stainless steel products. The quality of stainless steel used for making water tanks used is the best grade SS304 / SS316 BA/2B and it offers the best solution for the storage of potable water with zero retention. The special heat resistant material used in the manufacturing of our tanks keeps the water temperature in control during scorching summer and extreme cold winter. In addition, NEROPURE water tanks are double wall stainless steel water tanks with thermal insulation, which maintains the temperature of water to optimum level. These tanks have an extended service life with almost zero maintenance.

The capacity of these special sized steel water storage tanks ranges from 100ltrs to 300ltrs. Similarly, we have tanks from 500ltrs to 10000ltrs suitable for small & big bungalows, housing projects and commercial complexes. Also, the storage capacity can be customized as per the customer's requirement. NEROPURE stainless steel water storage tanks are also available in special sizes, especially to be used for the storage of drinking water in apartments, builder floors, flats and small kitchens.

Neropure range of SS water tanks is designed to be aesthetically beautiful and yet cost effective. These tanks outlast and outperform every other tank available in the market with a minimum environmental impact. The only tank truly and fully recyclable and the value of SS tank also increases as time goes by. NEROPURE stainless steel water tanks come in the following sizes and capacities:

NEROPURE stainless steel water tanks

Come in the following size and capacities

  • 100Liters
  • 200Liters
  • 300Liters
  • 400Liters
  • 500Liters
  • 600Liters
  • 750Liters
  • 1000Liters
  • 1500Liters
  • 2000Liters
  • 2500Liters
  • 3000Liters
  • 4000Liters
  • 5000Liters
  • 6000Liters
  • 7500Liters
  • 10000Liters