NEROPURE steel tanks are made to last, and have a 20 year expected life for tds < 200ppm. Installing a water tank can be quite a challenge.

We are providing some information here to get you started. However, if the task is daunting then you can always ask an expert or contact one of our dealers in your area.


  • The tank must be installed on a flat and even surface with a strong support.
  • Water outlet and discharge point should use SS 304 pipe fitting and other non-ferrous and non-poisonous product (ABS, PVC & Poly-pipe).
  • Stop-cock should be placed at the end of the outlet for emergency case.
  • Any extra water outlet should be requested before fabrication.
  • No alteration or addition of water outlet provided after purchase.
  • All the water pipes connected to the tank openings must be firmly installed.
  • Discharge point should have pipe and valve in order to discharge any dirty water or sediment from the tank. Recommended to discharge regularly, the location for tank installation must be far away from chemical materials or liquids.
  • Do not use underground contaminated water or chemical for storage.
  • Ensure all pipes connected to the tank are well supported and properly aligned.