NEROPURE stainless steel insulated water storage tanks are renowned for their strength, durability, longevity and hygienic qualities. Get the complete peace of mind that comes with a reliable water source that suits your way of life.

Our wealth of engineering experience, combined with modern management systems, produces quality stainless steel water storage tanks supported by a company which has stood the test of time. Agnus International uses the best quality steel, expected life of tank is 20 years with potable home supply water with tds < 200ppm .

Advantage of buying NEROPURE stainless steel water storage tank

  • Neropure ss water tanks are made of 100% pure mirror polished imported stainless steel 304 foodgrade and are healthy alternative to plastic, concrete and other metal containers.
  • Neropure stainless steel water tanks are the best value proposition for people who are health and quality conscious.
  • Material of construction is the most preferred raw material used in food and pharmaceutical industry and hence delivers the purest and safest drinking water.
  • These overhead water storage tanks are fully recyclable, durable, safe and environment friendly. Each one of them outlasts and outperforms every other tank available in the market.
  • These water tanks have high strength and low weight and do not bulge or stretch when full and comfortably hold the large force of water and keep it cooler as compared to plastic tanks. Also the strength will not deteriorate over time under the harsh Indian sun as it may with plastic tanks.
  • Longer life span-it is a one-time investment. life for potable home supply water with tds < 200ppm, there is no reason behind why these stainless steel water tanks will not last well beyond time.
  • There is Zero growth of bacterial species and fungus and there is no risk of water born diseases.
  • With an extended service life and reduced maintenance cost, they in fact cost less than other comparative tanks over the working life of the tank. At the end of effective life of these tanks, its scrap value is more than its original cost.
  • Doesn't absorb pollutants, pesticides and there is no plastic taste if used for drinking water.


Drinking Purpose Plastic Tanks Stainless Steal Tank
Smell / Change in Taste
Water Stagnation*
Growth of Algae
Heat Absorption
Time Consuming Cleaning Process
Ultimate Life
Non-Eco Friendly
After Use Value Almost Nil V. Good
Cost Analysis Expensive in long run Cheaper in long run
    *leading to bacteria development